Container Principle

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We live in a world organized around the container. Standardized twenty- and forty-foot shipping containers carry material goods across oceans and over land; provide shelter, office space, and storage capacity; inspire films, novels, metaphors, and paradigms. A container ship, sailing under the flag of one country but owned by a corporation headquartered in another, carrying auto parts from Japan, frozen fish from Vietnam, and rubber ducks from China, offers a vivid representation of the increasing, world-is-flat globalization of the international economy. In The Container Principle, Alexander Klose investigates the principle of the container and its effect on the way we live and think.


Alexander Klose is a researcher and curator in the program department of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.


"Klose captures the rise of the infrastructural as a key dynamic in our global world. He explodes the conceptual boundaries of the term, and therewith makes that familiar term unrecognizable, an exciting window into material realities of today's world." - Saskia Sassen, author of Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy
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Untertitel: How a Box Changes the Way We Think. 'Infrastructures'. 84 Illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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