Semi-Simultaneous Flows in Multiple Networks

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Oktober 2013



Over the last sixty years, the study of network flows
has led to some of the most appealing and useful
results in applied mathematics, including efficient
algorithms for certain linear and combinatorial
optimization problems. This text continues this
journey and presents a novel approach to relate
binary-constrained integer programs to a new class of
(semi-)simultaneous network flows. The exposition of
the material is fully self-contained and first
provides a thorough review of the most important
concepts from both integer and network flow
programming, as well as the theory of computational
complexity. All new results are developed and
explained in much detail, illustrated on over 20
examples and more than 30 figures, and used for the
implementation of several algorithms. C++ and model
codes are included. Originally prepared and written
during completion of the author''s diploma studies,
this book is well-suited for advanced students and
active researchers who are interested in general
advances of operations research and mathematical
programming. Also available from VDM is the
dissertation title "Beyond Pareto Optimality -
Domination and Decomposition in Multiobjective


Alumnus of the German National Merit Foundation and biographee in
Marquis Who''s Who in America. Studied management mathematics
and operations research at TU Dresden and Kaiserslautern, Germany
(Diploma 05) and Clemson University, USA (MS04, PhD07). Currently
postdoctoral researcher at U Waterloo, Canada, and asst. prof. at
U Colorado, Denver, USA.
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