Management of Competitiveness

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This volume of selected articles is being released in light of the new economic, social and environmental challenges Europe and the United States have been faced with following the end of the Cold War and in the evolving era of globalization. National security, immigration and the provision of health and other key social services call for a radically different outlook in terms of policy discussions. The contributors of this book focus on seven key policy issues and challenges that currently affect the United States and Europe: income distribution, the gender pay gap, crime and security, unemployment, health care, the demographic question and environmental regulation. The purpose of this volume is to analyze how public policy within the European context is responding to the challenges posed by this new global era.


Formation of the Theory of Competitiveness Management.
Theoretical Bases of Competitiveness Management.
Quantitative Evaluation of the Product Competitiveness.
Quantitative Evaluation of the Firm Competitiveness.
Theoretical Approaches to Assessment of Productive Industry Competitiveness.
Formation of the Firm Competitiveness MIS Systems.
Theoretical Approaches to Formation of the Systems of High Tech Industries Competitiveness Management.



Alexander Chursin
Dr. hab. in Economics, PhD in Engineering, Director of the Institute of Institute of Applied Technical and Economic Research and Expertise in Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR, Head of the Department of Applied Economy Studies, Advisor of PFUR Rectorate, Professor of the Department of Information and Computer Science at the Higher Qualification Commission of Russia. He is a member of the Scientific Council of Russian Academy of Sciences, Expert Council of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation, and is also a Professor at the Academy of Military Sciences.
Prof. Chursin has been working on executive positions in industry and scientific educational institutions for more than 50 years. He has led large projects of conversion the defense industry of the USSR and the creation and development of innovative area within the CIS countries on the basis of developed with his participation 'Interstate program of innovation cooperation of CIS member states for the period until 2020'. He is an author of 23 inventions for which patents were obtained in the field of instrumentation and control system design. On the basis of the results of scientific activity A.A. Chursin has published over 100 articles and 30 monographs. In recent years, he engaged in research problems of competitiveness management of production, organization and ensuring the successful performance of domestic products in the world markets.
Prof. Chursin awarded many medals and orders of the USSR and Russia for high results in labor and scientific activities including USSR Council of Ministers Award in the field of science and technology, Tsiolkovsky sign for personal creative contribution in the implementation of space programs and projects, medal of the Order "of Merit for the Motherland" of the II degree.
Yury Makarov
Dr. hab. in Economics, PhD in Engineering, Chief of the Space Activity Strategic Department of the Federal Space Agency of Russia (Roscosmos), Head of the Department of Competitiveness Management of Aerospace Companies of the Institute of Applied Technical and Economic Research and Expertise in the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. He is an active member of an International Academy of Astronautics, Academy of Military Economy and Finance, Academy of Cosmonautics named K.E. Tsiolkovsky and Academy of Engineering Sciences named A.M. Prokhorov, Presidium member of Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia, member of Council on Space of Russian Academy of Sciences.
Yury Makarov has been working in the field of space activity for 28 years. As the Head of Space Activity Strategic Department of Roscosmos, he directs the works related to the organization of business management concerning the development and creation of space facilities for socio-economic and scientific purposes. Scientific and engineering results achieved under his supervision and direct assistance are widely adopted in different fields of Russian space activity, contribute considerably to organization and recognition of the Federal Space Program of Russia. Theoretical research in the sphere of space economy made it possible for Yury Makarov to develop practical approaches for techno-economic grounds of the creation and development economically effective operation of organizations in the terms of uncertainty, economic risks and financial constraints. He is an author of over 200 scientific papers, including 5 monographs dedicated to the questions of organization of an effective management of industrial corporations.
Yury Makarov has a title of 1st Class State Advisor of the Russian Federation, awarded the Russian Order of Honor for his contribution to the design, development and production of special equipment, labor achievements and years of service, medal of the Order "of Merit for the Motherland" of the II degree.

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