Inorganic Scintillators for Detector Systems

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The development of new scintillators as components of modern detector systems is increasingly defined by the end user's needs. This book provides an introduction to this emerging topic at the interface of physics and materials sciences, with emphasis on bulk inorganic scintillators. After surveying the end user's needs in a vast range of applications, ranging from astrophysics to industrial R & D, the authors move on to review scintillating mechanisms and the properties of the most important materials used. A chapter on crystal engineering and examples of recent developments in the field of high-energy physics and medical imaging introduce the reader to the practical aspects. This book will benefit researchers and scientists working in academic and industrial R & D related to the development of scintillators.


Scintillation and Inorganic Scintillators.
How User's Requirements Influence the Development of a Scintillator.
Scintillation Mechanisms in Inorganic Scintillators.
Influence of the Crystal Structure Defects on Scintillation Properties.
Crystal Engineering.
Two Examples of Recent Crystal Development.


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