Microwave Radiometry of Vegetation Canopies

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The capability of the microwave radiometric method to determine soil moisture and vegetation biometric indices was revealed a quarter of a century ago by the author and many of his colleagues. In light of many research projects since then, the main objective of this book is to render a systematic account of questions concerning the microwave radiometry of the Earth's surface in the presence of vegetation canopies.


Foreword.- Preface.- Chapter 1. Basics of Microwave Radiometry. 1.1 Theory of thermal radiation. 1.2 Microwave radiometers and systems. 1.3 Radiometric measurements.- Chapter 2. Physical and Electrical Properties of Soils and Vegetation. 2.1 Physical and dielectric properties of soils. 2.2 Biometrical features and electrical properties of vegetation..- Chapter 3. Microwave emission from Bare Soils. 3.1 Microwave emission models of bare soils. 3.2 Experimental research on microwave emission from bare soils.- Chapter 4. Theory of Microwave Propagation Through Vegetation Media. 4.1 General approach to the description of electromagnetic wave propagation in vegetation. 4.2 The model of vegetation as a continuous medium. 4.3 The model of vegetation as a collection of scatterers (discrete model). 4.4 Extinction and scattering of electromagnetic waves by plant elements. 4.5 Microwave propagation through a vegetation layer. Relation of electrodynamic parameters to biometric features of vegetation.- Chapter 5. Experimental Studies of Microwave Propagation in Vegetation Canopies. 5.1 Methods of experimental research. 5.2 Experimental results.- Chapter 6. Modeling of Microwave Emission from Vegetation Canopies. 6.1 General approach to the modeling of radiation parameters for vegetated soils. 6.2 The emissivity of a vegetation canopy. 6.3 Modeling microwave emission from forests. 6.4 Polarization properties of microwave emission from vegetation canopies. 6.5 Spatial variations of microwave emission from the Earth's Surface.6.6 Global simulation of microwave emission from land.- Chapter 7. Experimental Research of Microwave Emission from Vegetation Canopies. 7.1 Research on microwave emission from vegetated fields. 7.2 Research on microwave emission from forests. 7.3 Statistical properties of microwave emission from vegetation canopies.- Chapter 8. Vegetation Effect in Microwave Remote Sensing. 8.1 Accounting for vegetation effect in microwave radiometry of surface. 8.2Vegetation biomass retrieval from microwave radiometric measurements. 8.3 Soil moisture and vegetation biomass retrieval from multi-configuration microwave radiometric measurements. 8.4 Vegetation effect in active microwave remote sensing.- Chapter 9. Microwave Radiometry of Vegetation Canopies in Context of Global Change Research. 9.1 Global climate problems and the carbon cycle. 9.2 Assimilation of remote sensing data into global carbon cycle models.- References.- Index.
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