Magnetic Domains

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Oktober 2008



The book gives a systematic and comprehensive survey of the complete area of magnetic microstructures. It reaches from micromagnetism of nanoparticles to complex structures of extended magnetic materials. The book starts with a comprehensive evaluation of traditional and modern experimental methods for the observation of magnetic domains and continues with the treatment of important methods for the theoretical analysis of magnetic microcstructures. A survey of the necessary techniques in materials characterization is given. The book offers an observation and analysis of magnetic domains in all traditional and contemporary areas of application.


Domain Observation Techniques.- Domain Theory.- Material Parameters for Domain Analysis.- Domain Observation and Interpretation.- The Relevance of Domains.
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Untertitel: The Analysis of Magnetic Microstructures. 1st edtion 1998, 3rd, corrected Printing 2008. 400 Abbildungen, dav. 4 farbige. Sprache: Englisch.
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