Distributed Data Applications with ASP.NET

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Januar 2004



* The only Enterprise level book that concentrates on distributed techniques.

* Fully updated for ASP .NET 1.1 and Visual Studio 2003.

* Authors were both anointed as software legends by Microsoft (

* Demonstrates the range of possibilities and ease of development for distributed data-driven applications with .NET.

* Shows how easy it is to take advantage of several different types of client devices, and how to provide the best user experience possible for each one.

* Explores all aspects of building ASP.NET 1.1applications that handle data and work across the Internet or other HTTP networks such as local intranets.


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Alex Homer is a computer geek and a Web developer with a passion for ASP.NET who was recently made one of the software legends by Microsoft. Although he has to spend some time doing real work (a bit of consultancy and training, and the occasional conference session), most of his days are absorbed in playing with the latest Microsoft Web technology and then writing about it. Living in the picturesque wilderness of Derbyshire Dales in England, he is well away from the demands of the real world-with only an Internet connection to maintain distant representation of normality. But hey, what else would you want from life? You can contact Alex through his own software company, Stonebroom Limited:
Dave Sussman is a hacker in the traditional sense of the word. He too was recently made one of the software legends by Microsoft. That's someone who likes playing with code and working out how things work, which is why he spends much of his life working with beta software. Luckily, this coincides with writing about new technologies, giving him an output for his poor English and grammar. He lives in a small village in the Oxfordshire countryside. Like many programmers everywhere, he has an expensive hi-fi, a big TV, and no life. You can contact Dave through his own company, Ipona Limited:

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