Strategic Sustainability of Investment & Business: Commercial Bank

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Today the market of sustainable investment is rapidly growing. Environment and ethic issues, corporate social responsibility, as well as sustainable development becoming more significant among the increasing number of institutional and private investors. Corporations are increasingly expected by shareholders, business partners and all other stakeholders to improve competitive advantage by demonstrating economic progress while maintaining environmental care and responsibility.This practice leads to a very difficult and new positioning of environmental issues.Sustainable development is the result of the shifting the focus or rather blurring the simple maximization of the profit in the long-run. Web sites of the corporation are rather about good corporate citizens and philanthropic actions then increasing the value of the owners, they are rather about third generation of the human rights then increasing the productivity or rather about endangered mammals then high profits.The result of the prevailing tendencies of the growing importance of the social aspect of doing business is shifting of expectations.


Born in 1975 in south-east Serbia in small town Knjazevac. Finished Bachelor studies (2005) and Master studies (2008) in Grenoble Graduate School of Business France. Finished PhD studies (2014) in Graduate School of Business Studies Belgrade Serbia. Have 20 years professional experience in top companies in South -East Europe. Maried, two sons.
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