A monograph: International Financials doing business in Serbia

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Februar 2015



In this monograph the author defines the role of international financial resources in the development of the Republic of Serbia, pointing out the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of international financial resources, when and how they can become a limiting or enhancing factor in the development of the Republic of Serbia. Given that the use of international financial resources are mainly focused on infrastructure, in this monograph will be primarily addressed this issue in order to achieve optimal use of resources. International financial organizations, both global and regional level are an important source of favorable financial resources for the large number of developing countries and countries in transiton, including the Republic of Serbia. As many countries have no access to the international capital markets, nor an investment climate attractive enough for foreign private capital, international financial institutions loans and gifts are virtually the only source available for financing.


Born in 1975 in South-East Serbia in small town Knjazevac. Finished Bachelor studies (2005) and Master studies (2008) in Grenoble Graduate School of Business Studies, France. Finished PhD studies (2014) in Graduate School of Business Studies in Belgrade, Serbia. Have 20 years of professional experience in top companies in South-East Europe.
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