Global Modernization: Rethinking the Project of Modernity

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Juli 2005



The last decade has witnessed a revival of interest in the problems of modernity and modernization. In particular, three major processes have emerged as objects of debate:

" The transformations of capitalism manifested in globalization and
the unfolding of post-industrial society

" The rapid and strong economic development of countries outside the

" The political and economic transformations in the post-Soviet countries
of Eastern Europe


Modernization and Modernity
The Classic Theory of Modernization
Modernization of Traditional Third World Societies
Critiques of the Classic Theory of Modernization and Alternative Approaches
Modernity and its Future
Globalization and Modernity


"This short book critically reexamines the concepts and theories of modernity and modernization. The book's first three chapters make a wonderful introduction to theories of modernity for undergraduates and those looking for a historical and sociological evaluation of modernity and modernization concepts. The last two chapters are an important reference point for understanding the connection between modernity and globalization, as well as the future usefulness of the concepts of modernity and modernization."
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