Conquest and Empire

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März 1993



An exploration of the process and consequences of the campaigns of Alexander the Great of Macedon.


Part I. General Narrative: 1. Prologue; 2. The gaining of Empire (336-323 BC); 3. Epilogue: the shape of things to come; Part II. Thematic Studies: A. Mainland Greece in Alexander's reign; B. Alexander and his Empire; C. Alexander and the army; D. The divinity of Alexander.


'This is the book on Alexander we have all been waiting for. Bosworth has achieved that uncompromising balance which is or ought to be the aim of all professional historians. This is a book which the complete non-specialist will enjoy and can rely on unconditionally. An enviably superb book.' Times Higher Education Supplement
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Untertitel: The Reign of Alexander the Great. 'CANTO'. 11 maps. Sprache: Englisch.
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