Historical Dictionary of Denmark

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Reaches well beyond politics and warfare into the economy, society, art, music, literature, and religion. Additionally, there is a look at the welfare state and at Danish relations with the European Union and countries outside of Europe.


Presented in a factual, non-judgemental way, the dictionary offers a great deal of information over a very wide field. Scandinavica An essential addition to subject collections and a useful reference aid in general reference collections. American Reference Books Annual, March 2009 The introduction gives an excellent resume of Danish history, geography and modern-day scene, noting, significantly, that Denmark is the second richest member of the EU...This is an outstandingly useful reference work on Denmark and one of the best in the Historical Dictionaries series. -- Bob Duckett, 2010 Reference Reviews ...this dictionary covers extensively events, people, and other topics dealing with the politics, economy, society, and culture of contemporary excellent, up-to-date reference source useful for general readers or for students at any level needing information about Denmark. L. Siegelbaum, Michigan State University
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