The Invisible State: The Formation of the Australian State

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Juni 2002



This book shows how the judiciary became the most powerful arm of government in Australia.


Acknowledgments; Preface; Prologue; 1. Private vices become public benefits; 2. The under-keepers; 3. Dispossession; 4. The house that Jack built; 5. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? The sovereignty of the law; 6. The Trojan horse; 7. 'Suffer little children'; 8. A state for a continent; 9. '... the triumph of the people'; Epilogue; Notes; Select bibliography; Index.


"Alastair Davidson uses conceptual tools forged in the thought of Antonio Gramsci and Michel move beyond a more traditional descriptive approach to political history...In a striking conclusion, Davidson argues that the result was and is an Australian state that lacks popular sovereignty and consequently is not a democracy...The wider significance of Davidson's achievement is the way in which he supplies a new dimension to the discussion of fundamental issues such as political development, state formation, sovereignty, and democracy. These are complex and difficult issues; but when history and political science can be brought together to mine generally significant insights from unique cases like the development of the state in Australia, real progress can occur." American Political Science Review
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