Understanding Teaching Excellence in Higher Education: Towards a Critical Approach

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What makes a university teacher "excellent?"As debates rage around whether it is down to subject-knowledge, communication skills, taking a research-led approach or being a technological whiz, this book identifies and examines interpretations of teaching excellence and helps the reader to develop their own understanding and practice of teaching in light of the recently researched evidence.Using as its central case study the practice of the UK's most "excellent" university teachers, as awarded by the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme, this book features insightful interviews with all the award winners who teach across a variety of subject areas, and establishes the key skills and strategies which lead to their public accolade. As similar schemes exist around the world, particularly the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa, the book offers a comparative analysis of these schemes and helps the reader to locate national policies and practices within the growing worldwide "excellence movement" in higher education.Lecturers in any higher education establishment who are passionate about raising the standards of their teaching will find much in this book to inform and enthuse them. This book will also make an exceptional companion for students on postgraduate, diploma and masters courses.


Part 1: Beginnings 1. Introduction 2. A Critical Framework Part 2: Familiar Faces 3. Awards for Teachers 4. Institutions and Teaching Excellence 5. The Contribution of Subject Disciplines Part 3: Alternative Explorations 6. Local Knowledge: 'Ordinary' Teacher and Student Perceptions 7. Internationalisation and Inter-Cultural Learning 8. Seduced by Glitz and Glamour: Press Reporting of Teaching 9. Excellence 10. Professional Development and Teaching Excellence Part 4: Future Horizons 11. Lost in the Translation? 12. Research into Teaching Excellence in Higher Education


'Skelton writes with an engaging critical zeal, and his book will certainly help many talented, competent, and hardworking teachers in higher education in UK to understand why, and how, a few members of their profession become mysteriously singled out for recognition and reward as excellent , whilst they themselves do not.' 'Here we have a bold and original book that cruelly exposes some of the myth-making mechanisms that politicians and their handservants have clumsily sought to impose upon contemporary HE. Extremely well written and a model of clear organisation.' - British Journal of Educational Technology Vol 38 No 1 2007
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