Alan Simpson's Windows XP Bible

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Focusing on Windows XP functionality, this Bible is value-packed and covers the basics (e.g., navigating a computer) as well as how to use the most popular Internet features; customize the work environment; maintain and tweak the system; use general techniques for working with text, numbers, and graphics. The Desktop Edition offers the very best content from the Windows XP Bible, combined with new coverage of Media Player, Movie Maker, and Service Pack 1, and features sidebars with annoyances, workarounds, solutions, and tips.


Part I: Beginner's Crash Course.
Chapter 1: Getting Started.
Chapter 2: Workin' It.
Chapter 3: Getting Help When You Need It.
Part II: Programs, Documents, and Folders.
Chapter 4: Running Programs.
Chapter 5: Navigating Your Folders.
Chapter 6: Working with Documents.
Chapter 7: Type, Edit, Copy, and Paste.
Chapter 8: Printing and Faxing Documents.
Part III: Using the Internet.
Chapter 9: Getting Online.
Chapter 10: Browsing the World Wide Web.
Chapter 11: Sending and Receiving E-mail.
Chapter 12: Using a .NET Passport.
Chapter 13: Keeping It Safe.
Part IV: Fun with Multimedia.
Chapter 14: Using Your Camera and Scanner.
Chapter 15: Playing with Pictures.
Chapter 16: Music and Video with Media Player 9.
Chapter 17: Managing Music, Making CDs.
Chapter 18: Making Home Movies.
Part V: Getting Organized, Staying Organized.
Chapter 19: Managing Files and Folders.
Chapter 20: Using Your Hard Disk.
Chapter 21: Using Floppies, CDs, and DVDs.
Chapter 22: Working with Compressed (Zip) Files.
Part VI: Have It Your Way.
Chapter 23: Creating and Managing User Accounts.
Chapter 24: Personalizing Your Desktop.
Chapter 25: Expanding Your System.
Chapter 26: Disaster Prevention and Recovery.
Part VII: Connecting Your Computers.
Chapter 27: Design and Create Your Own Network.
Chapter 28: Sharing Things on a Network.
Appendix A: Installing Windows XP.
Appendix B: Shortcut Key Quick Reference.


Alan Simpson is the author of more than 90 computer books, on topics ranging from Windows to word processing and Web-page design to databases. His books have been translated into more than a dozen languages and have sold millions of copies throughout the world. Prior to becoming a full-time author, Alan taught computer science at the college level and served as a computerized training consultant to the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy.

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