A History of the Church of Ireland 1691-2001

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April 2003



This revised and up-dated in-depth history traces the experience of the Church of Ireland from the 1690s to 2001.


Dr Acheson presents us with an accessible one-volume history of the Church of Ireland during the last 300 years. The arrangement of the text and his clear direct style of writing make the book a pleasure to read, both for the general reader and for the specialist historian. -- Archbishop Donald Caird, in Church Times This new history ... is a valuable addition to the historiography of the Church of Ireland. -- Dr Raymond Refausse in The Irish Times Not everyone will agree with all the author's judgements, but they will find him a judicious and entertaining guide with a sharp eye for memorable detail, whose knowledge of the Church's history is matched in equal measure by tolerant affection and objective scholarship. -- Dr Patrick Keey in Search
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