Critical Theory

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August 2003



This book examines the intellectual contribution made by Frankfurt School Critical Theory to our understanding of modern life. Thematically organized and offering a strong mix of historical and contemporary material, it considers the work of both the first and second generation. While the work of the latter is often taken to exceed that of the former, the author suggests that insights gleaned by both, regarding the human subject, offer a significant alternative to post-modern ideas.


Foreword.- Introduction.- PART 1: HISTORICAL CONTOURS Early Days, Early Doubts: From Optimism to Ambiguity.- Disillusion and the Rise of the Nietzschean Streak.- The Reconstruction of Critical Theory: From Ideology Critique to Communicative Reason.- PART 2: SUBSTANTIVE IDEAS: THE FIRST GENERATION Rationalisation as Reification.- Critical Theory, the Family and the Narcissistic Personality.- PART 3: SUBSTANTIVE IDEAS: THE SECOND GENERATION Overcoming the Impasse: Habermas's Reconstruction of Critical Theory.- Critical Theory and Postmodernism.- PART 4: CONCLUSION Why Read Critical Theory?.- Further Reading.- Bibliography.


Alan How


'How offers something new and valuable. The book's charm flows from the generosity of its authors enthusiasm combined with a near-faultless consideration of the reader's needs. Short enough to be unintimidating yet long enough to deal with the expository demands of technically difficult material... here is a book to excite teachers and students.' - John Parker, University of Wales, Swansea, The Times Higher Education Supplement
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