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This is the first Old French-English dictionary of its kind to provide a comprehensive reference tool for a broad range of English-speaking users including students, scholars, philologists and historians. This manageable, single-volume, dictionary is based on a large and varied number of texts up to ca. 1350, starting from the "classics" of medieval French literature and extending through all the genres: epic, romance, religious, moral, didactic and allegorical texts, lyric poetry, drama, humor and satire, as well as nonliterary historical, political and legal documents.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. From database to dictionary; 2. The dictionary entries; 3. How to use the dictionary; 4. Conclusion; List of abbreviations; Select bibliography; The dictionary.


'The layout is pleasing and easy to consult. OFED provides an excellent overview of the range of meanings of important terms.' Medium Aemm 'This is the first dictionary of its kind since 1949, so in that sense it is long overdue. It is a work which will prove invaluable to any English student or scholar reading Old French for any purpose, and its publication in an attractive and manageable paperback volume makes it even more accessible.' Reference Reviews
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