Population Biology: Concepts and Models

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This book provides an accessible introduction to the biology and ecology of populations. The author assumes acquaintance with only elementary calculus and uses tutorial explanations where needed, along with real life examples and data. Emphasizing the roles of simple mathematical models in explaining the growth and behavior of populations, the book is valuable to students in population biology, population ecology, mathematical biology and mathematical ecology courses. This new edition includes more problems, as well as solutions, and more biological examples. Excel spreadsheets illustrating most of the models in the book are included on an attached CD.


1. Introduction. What is population biology. Role of models in population biology. Some successful models in population biology.
2. Density independent population growth. The simplest model of population growth. Age structure: the simplest case.
3. Population genetics. Genetic questions. Evolutionary and ecological questions. One-locus model without selection. One-locus model with selection. Selection and optimization. Drift. Ecology and Evolution.
4. Density dependent population growth. Hypotheses for population regulation. Logistic model. Lag time and density dependence. Discrete time density-dependent models. Metapopulations.
5. Evolution of life histories. Cole's result. Extensions of Cole's model. Big bang versus iteroparous reproduction. Evolution of Dispersal.
6. Interactions between species. Two-species models. Definition of stability. Community matrix approach. Qualitative behavior of the community matrix.
7. Competition. Lotka-Volterra models. Extensions to Lotka-Volterra models. Competition in field experiments. Competition for space.
8. Predator-prey interactions. Dynamics of the simple Lotka-Volterra model. Role of density dependence in the prey. Classic laboratory experiments on predation. Functional response. Further laboratory study of predation. Metapopulation models. Predation in Natural Systems.
9. Host-Parasitoid interactions. Nicholson-Bailey model. Simple stabilizing features. What stabilizing features operate in nature?
10. Diseases and Pathogens. Epidemic models. Can diseases regulate population growth.
11. Coda.
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