Jordan: Living in the Crossfire

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Oktober 2005



Drawing on numerous visits to the country and interviews with a diversity of people, including King Abdullah, Alan George describes how Jordan's reasonably stable monarchical system, unlike that in most Arab countries, has allowed the halting development of civil society and maintained control through the skillful co-option of opponents rather than heavy-handed reliance on its secret police. What is daily life like? How do its parliamentary system and political parties work? How free are the media? What are the future prospects of this buffer "state without a nation"?


Acknowledgments; Introduction; Chronology; Vital Statistics; PART ONE: JORDAN; 1: 'Fulfilling our Promises': The Creation of Jordan; 2: 'Neither Democrat nor Demagogue': Jordan under King Hussain; 3: 'Bread before Freedom': Jordan under King Abdullah II; PART TWO: JORDANIANS; 4: Abdullah bin Al-Hussain: King; 5: Barjas al-Hadid: Tribal Shaikh; 6: Rajai Khoury: Businessman; 7: 'Abd al-Fatah al-Bustani: Dentist; 8: Abu Muhammad: Taxi driver; 9: Awad ash-Shubaiki: Farmer; 10: Anisa Salim: Palestinian refugee; PART THREE : INSTITUTIONS; 11: The 'Stratified Elite' : The Royal Family and Royal Court; 12: 'Strengthening the Moderate Majority': Parliament and Parties; 13: 'The Basis of Governance': The Legal System; 14: The Sky's the Limit: The Media; 15: 'Investing in a Mobile Resource': Higher Education; 16: Visions and Realities: The Future; Select Bibliography; Index


Alan George is a freelance journalist and researcher, contributing to the national press and commentating on Middle Eastern affairs for radio and television. He is a former Assistant Director of the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding (CAABU). He has visited Jordan in the course of writing the book. He is the author of Syria: Neither Bread nor Freedom (Zed
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