Historical Dictionary of the Discovery and Exploration of Australia

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August 2003



All aspects of the discovery of Australia are revealed in this ground-breaking work. It is especially useful for its comprehensive gallery of the exploits and achievements of the key figures in Australian Exploration.


Chapter 1 Series Editor's Foreword Chapter 2 Preface Chapter 3 Acronyms and Abbreviations Chapter 4 Maps Chapter 5 Chronology Chapter 6 Introduction Chapter 7 THE DICTIONARY Chapter 8 Bibliography Chapter 9 About the Author


Alan Day is retired Head of Department of Library and Information Studies, Manchester Polytechnic, London.


What a treat to find a reference work so packed with tales of adventure!...Rarely has history proven so rewarding to both researcher and reader. American Reference Books Annual Day writes with clarity and panache, illustrating many entries with contemporary quotations. The dictionary is well organized and is a remarkable contribution to Australian and exploration history. The price may deter, but I hope not, for such is the intrinsic interest of the subject matter, and the compiler's enthusiasm, that all who read would enjoy. I look forward to other titles in this new series. Reference Reviews ...this historical impressive in its depth as well as its breadth...This exceptionally comprehensive historical dictionary is a worthy addition to the author's earlier bibliographic work... Terrae Incognitae Day, an accomplished bibliographer, provides a solid reference work that will be especially useful to non-Australian undergraduates. Its best feature is its biographical entries, which cover all the major and many minor figures. The bibliographic appendixes are thorough and begin with an explanatory essay. CHOICE
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