Anthropology and the Bushman

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April 2007



Covers early travellers and settlers, classic nineteenth and twentieth-century ethnographers, North American and Japanese ecological traditions, the approaches of African ethnographers, and the work on advocacy and social development. This work reveals the impact of Bushman studies on anthropology and on the public.


1. Introduction
2. From Early Encounters to Early Anthropology
3. Victorian Visions of the Bushman
4. Beckoning of the Kalahari
5. Amateurs and Cultural Ecologists
6. An Original Affluent Society?
7. The Return of Myth and Symbol
8. Kalahari Revisionism and Portrayals of Contact
9. Advocacy, Development and Partnership
10. Representations and Self-Representations
11. Reflections and Conclusions


Alan Barnard is Professor of the Anthropology of Southern Africa at the University of Edinburgh.


'Alan Barnard's fascinating examination of the changing images anthropology has held about the Bushmen of Southern Africa is an important contribution to the history of anthropology and offers rare insight into the lives, struggles and achievements of several generations of ethnographers. An important reading for any course on hunter-gatherers, southern Africa or the history of anthropology.'Jerome Lewis, London School of Economics
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