The Importance of Being Lazy: In Praise of Play, Leisure, and Vacation

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Mai 2003



Draws on studies of Americans' vacation habits as well as interviews, personal stories, and the wry observations of philosophers, writers, and sociologists from Aristotle to Mark Twain to Thorstein Veblen. Without true leisure, this work says, we are diminished as individuals and as a society.


Prologue: The Project and the Problem 1. The Other Side of Leisure Work, Damn it! 2. Leisure and Culture 3. Vacations and Traveling 4. Mini Vacations The Weekend 5. Shopping as Leisure and Play 6. Sports and Play 7. The Ultimate Vacation Retirement Epilogue: Sabbath as Metaphor


Al Gini is a Philosophy Professor at Loyola University Chicago and a member of Loyola's Institute of Human Resources and Industrial Relations. He is the co-founder and Associate Editor of the journal Business Ethics Quarterly and the author of Why IT's Hard to Be Good(Routledge).


'The Importance of Being Lazy solidifies Al Gini's reputation as a leading philosopher of contemporary American culture.' - Ronald M. Green, Ethics Institute, Dartmouth College, USA 'Finally - a book written around the thesis that "doing nothing" is one of life's necessities!' - Publishers Weekly
'Gini is so persuasive I kept putting the book down to go play!' - Chicago Tribune
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