H. C. Bankole-Bright and Politics in Colonial Sierra Leone, 1919 1958

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This substantial and thoroughly documented book is a political biography of an important figure in Sierra Leone. It is also a comment on two of the major themes of the country's history--the relations between the Colony (Krio Society) and the protectorate (the earlier inhabitants of the territory) and more importantly, the position of the imperial regime vis-à -vis its colonial subjects. The author, a Sierra Leonean and a Krio himself, skillfully examines the country's recent history through the life of Dr. H.C. Bankole-Bright, an important leader of the Krio people. The Krio, descendants of the freed slaves, were the elite of Sierra Leone for more than a century, but ultimately they failed to master mass electoral politics during the period of decolonization leading to independence. Dr. Bankole-Bright's failure is seen as emblematic of the disappointed hopes of the Krio as a political group in Sierra Leone. An underlying theme of the book is the misrepresentation of the Krio people in Sierra Leone historiography.


Preface; Abbreviations; Introduction; 1. Growing up: background to his family and early life; 2. Background to politics in the twentieth century; 3. Politics in earnest: the setting up of the N.C.B.W.A., 1919-1924; 4. In the Legislative Council, 1924-1939: the drama of confrontation; 5. In the Legislative Council, 1924-1939: constructive opposition; 6. At the crossroads: the flickering flames of Congress and the challenge of W.A.Y.L., 1936-1939; 7. In the political wilderness: the turbulent years, 1939-1951; 8. Second innings in Parliament: the twilight years, 1951-1957; 9. Bankole-Bright and colonial politics: an assessment; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"Written by Akintola J.G. Wyse, one of Sierra Leone's most prolific historians..." American Historical Review
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