Job Satisfaction & Organizational Commitment

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Employees are always considered important to any organization, because they constitute an important Human Capital. Through their experience and knowledge (both tacit and explicit) they bring lot of charisma to the organization. This 'CHARISMA' can be of any type, like; they bring versatility in their work. If organization is working on the principle of decentralization and empowerment, then employees surely brings versatility through their work style, decision making. All of these Charismatic charms of employees bring enhanced commitment towards their organization if they are satisfied from the organization. So, satisfaction comes from the working environment, dealing of supervisor with the subordinates, behavior of colleagues and organization's compensation policies. So, this satisfaction leads to the commitment towards organization mainly in three forms; they feel sense of belonging with the organization, they want to be with that organization for rest of their career or they feel like obligation to stay with that organization. This research work is done with the insight to find the empirical evidence of job satisfaction on organizational commitment of corporate sector employees.


Ms. Aiman Raza did her MBA(Marketing) from COMSATS University,Pakistan. She is associated with the BZU,Multan,Pakistan as a Visiting Lecturer and also worked as a Freelance Marketing Consultant. She is a creative thinker and believes in 'Building Brands that Stands Out'. Her research interests are Marketing, Advertising, Branding, CSR, PR, Mass.Com
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Untertitel: Impact of Job Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment in Corporate Banking Sector Employees of Pakistan. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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