The Internet on Earth: A Geography of Information

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November 2002



A fascinating and vital area of research, the geography of information describes the role of information as both economic and commercial product and its distribution and movement across boundaries of cyberspace and conventional geography. Written by a pioneer in telecommunications geography research, this prize winning title (AAG award 2003) applies information geography to the world of high-tech, examining the latest wrinkles in the Internet, Silicon Valley, mobile telephony, and other key areas. the first book to provide both a context for the geography of information and a critical overview of recent research. Includes location-specific references and case studies. Examines the information society, information economy, telecommunications and its geographical impact.


Preface.Acknowledgments.1. Contexts.Information and Knowledge.The Information Society.The Information Economy.Information Politics.Information Law.Conclusion.2. Basics.The Scope of Information Geography.Space.Place.Conclusion.3. Technology.Information and Technology.Technology and Flows.Knowledge Innovation Technology.Information Technology Regions.Conclusion.4. Production.Information Volumes and Origins.The Internet: Evolution and Structure.A Conceptual Framework for Information Production.Ranking Urban Centers of Information Production.Global Centers: New York and Los Angeles.IT R&D Information Production.Conclusion.5. Contents.Content Demand and Location.Capital as Information.E Commerce and Location.Geographic Language.Conclusion.6. Transmission.The Internet Backbones.Flows.U.S. Leadership in Telecommunications.Conclusion.7. Media.Leading Nations.The Digital Divide.Conclusion.8. Consumption.Social Uses of the Internet.Internet Consumption in Cities.Use and Location.Broadband.Conclusion.9. Beyond.Challenges.Geography of Information.Geography of Information?References.Glossary of Abbreviations.Index.


"...a welcome and valuable addition...provides a richly detailed empirical basis for his analysis..." (Journal of Regional Studies, April 2004) " excellent textbook...provides very rich descriptions...should be congratulated for presenting hot button issues..." (New Media & Society, Vol 6(3), June 2004) "...a useful book that synthesises a great deal of contemporary literature..." (Environment & Planning B: Planning and Design, Vo. 31, No.3 2004)A "Its collection and...organization of references, as well as the clarity of... presentation, should make it highly appealing to a wide audience." (Urban Studies, July 2005)
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