3D, Can Canada Make Peace?

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Juni 2011



The discipline of peacemaking has been evolving for the past 20 years. Somalia was Canada's first attempt to engage in peacemaking and restabilising a failed state; the mission was a failure. Currently, Canada is attempting to aid Afghanistan through a whole-government or 3D policy (3D refers to the integration and coordination of Canada's departments of defence, diplomacy and development). This integrated 3D approach is serving as the cornerstone for many of Afghanistan's security, rebuilding and reconstruction projects. Through a comparative case study analysis of the integration and coordination of Canada's military, political/diplomatic structures and (brief examination) developmental tactics this study demonstrates some of the initial effectiveness of a whole government method. Preliminary findings indicate that engaging in a 3D approach has led to a more responsive strategy and served as a force multiplier within the Afghan mission. Instead of utilizing the concepts of one department in a top down approach, the need to engage within three spheres (defence, diplomacy and development) has had a significant impact for "on the ground" personal and results.


Adrienne was born in Ottawa, Canada and grew up overseas. The sixteen years she spent living in various weak and fragile states has been instrumental for her understanding of the diverse challenges faced in rebuilding, restabilising and reasserting civilian governance. Adrienne currently resides in Ottawa.
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