Integrated Graphic and Computer Modelling

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September 2008



Computer languages and computer graphics have become the primary modes of human-computer interaction. This book provides a basic introduction to "Real and Virtual Environment" computer modelling. Graphics models are used to illustrate both the way computer languages are processed and also used to create computer models of graphic displays. Computer languages have been bootstrapped from machine code, to high-level languages such as Java, to animation scripting languages. Integrating graphic and computer models takes this support for programming, design and simulation work, one step further, allowing interactive computer graphic displays to be used to construct computer models of both real and virtual environment systems. The Java language is used to implement basic algorithms for language translation, and to generate graphic displays. It is also used to simulate the behaviour of a computer system, to explore the way programming and design-simulation environments can be put together.


Preface.- Models: Language, Graphic, Analogue, Scale, Mathematical & Computer Models.- Computer Languages and Java Programming.- Program Development Environment for Graphics.- Conditional Actions - Spatial Searching and Problem Solving.- Display System and Hardware Programming Primitives.- Computer Hardware and Low Level Machine Language Programming.- Intermediate, Assembler Language Programming Macro Expansions, and Expression Translation.- High Level Languages - Translation, Interpretation and Scripting.- Primitive Raster Infill Operations: Line Interpolation.- Area Fill & Masks Circles and Thick Line Interpolation.- Parametric Line Interpolation & Key Frame Infill 'Inbetweening' Film Animation.- Geometry, Algebras, Co-ordinate Systems, and Transformations.- Spatial Relationships Overlap and Adjacency: Point to Line to Area.- Spatial Relationships Overlap and Adjacency Polygon on Polygon.- Spatial Relationships Overlap and Adjacency Rectangle-Rectangle Window on Window.- GUI: Graphic User Interfaces: Control Design Animation & Simulation Systems


Adrian Thomas is Professor of Music at Cardiff University.


From the reviews:
"The book provides a coherent introduction to the area of computer graphics ... and whose original role in communication, design, entertainment and art has broadened to include a wide spectrum of applications. ... There are two communities of readers for the book. Those who can produce graphics manually, or within a graphics painting or drawing environment ... . And those who can program computers and therefore are accustomed to working in this way ... . The book is full of color illustrations and Java code." (Agineszka Lisowska, Zentrablatt MATH, Vol. 1153, 2009)
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