Management Intelligence: Sense and Nonsense for the Successful Manager

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November 2008



Adrian Furnham takes a sideways glance at management in this book of short essays. The essays are like tablets: to be taken a few at a time. They are designed to cure hangovers, reduce blood pressure and lighten the mood. They are also meant to be prophylactics against managerial madness. Take two, then call Adrian in the morning.


Preface Introduction The Essays: Affirmative Shopping All Chiefs Now Anti-Commercialism Art and Science of Haggling Asking Simple Questions Bad Mouthing Products Banality of Leadership Breaking the Code Business Virtues Business Recovery Capture Bonded Employee Carrot and Stick Management Chain of Happiness Conscientizing the Public Consumer Boycotts Corporate Courage Corporate Police Corruption at Work Courage and Cowardice Disengagement Levels Dress for Success Executive Ed Excess Fear and Greed Feedback Phobia Full Glass Optimism Funny Business Gossip is Good For You Higher Education Psychiatric Disorders Hurrah for Managerialism Identity at Work Intelligence and Wealth Leadership Potential Lookism at Work Management Neurosis Modern Management Styles Negotiation Skills Courses Obsessive Compulsive Manager On-Line Shopping Petty Tyranny Personality Testing at Work Politeness at Work Product Knowledge Maybe a Dangerous Thing Rainbow Marketing Sales Intelligence Sat Nav Market Segmenting Shopper Span of Control Sudden Departness Trainer Effect Unorthodox Sales Training USPs and RHP Work Addictions


Adrian Furnham ist Professor für Psychologie am University College London (UCL). Er ist Fellow der British Psychological Society, ehemaliger Präsident der International Society of Individual Differences sowie Gastprofessor für Management am Henley Management College. Er schreibt regelmäßig für die Sunday Times und den Daily Telegraph und hat über 650 wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen und zahlreiche Bücher verfasst.
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