A History of Women's Writing in Russia

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Juli 2002



A comprehensive account of the lives and works of Russia's women writers.


Introduction Adele Barker and Jehanne M Gheith; 1. Women's image in Russian medieval literature Rosalind McKenzie; 2. Sappho, Corinna and Niobe: genres and personae in Russian women's writing, 1760-1820 Catriona Kelly; 3. The inexperienced muse: Russian women and poetry in the first half of the nineteenth century Judith Vowles; 4. Women of the 1830s and 1850s: alternative periods Jehanne Gheith; 5. 'A particle of ourself': pre-Revolutionary autobiography by Russian women writers Mary Zirin; 6. The women of Russian Montparnasse, Paris, 1920-1940 Catherine Ciepiela; 7. Women in Russian symbolism: beyond the albegra of love Jenifer Presto; 8. The Eastern path of exile: Russian women's writing in China Olga Bakich and Carol Ueland; 9. Realist prose writers, 1881-1929 Rosalind Marsh; 10. Women and gender in post-symbolist poetry and the Stalin era Katherine Hodgson; 11. Writing the female body politic (1945-1985) Beth Holmgren; 12. In their own words: Soviet women writers and the search for self Anna Krylova; 13. Women's poetry since the sixties Stephanie Sandler; 14. The persistence of memory: women's prose since the sixties Adele Barker; 15. Perestroika and post Soviet prose: from dazzle to dispersal Helena Goscilo.


Adele Marie Barker is Professor of Russian and Slavic Languages and Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies at the University of Arizona. She is the author of The Mother Syndrome in the Russian Folk Imagination (1986), and co-author of Dialogues/Dialogi: Literary and Cultural Exchanges between (ex) Soviet and American Women (1994), and she is the editor of Consuming Russia: Popular Culture, Sex, and Society since Gorbachev (1999). Jehanne M Gheith is Associate Professor of Slavic and Women's Studies at Duke University. She is the author, with B. Norton, of An Improper Profession: Women, Gender and Journalism in Late Imperial Russia.


Review of the hardback: 'A History of Women's Writing in Russia marks a highpoint in Russian studies ... A History of Women's Writing in Russia lays the foundations of a new, comprehensive literary history inclusive of both male and female discourses. Ultimately, this book is going to become a 'classic' for its significant contribution to a better understanding of not only Russian women's writing, but of Russian literature as a whole.' Journal of European Studies Review of the hardback: 'The editors and authors have done a superb job, and Cambridge University Press has again demonstrated its pivotal role in shaping academic thought.' Slavonica Review of the hardback: ' ... very important contribution, not only to the history of Russian women writers, but of Russian literature tout court.' Slavonic and East European Review
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