Adams Memorial Symposium on Algebraic Topology: Volume 1

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November 2004



J. Frank Adams had a profound influence on algebraic topology, and his works continue to shape its development. The International Symposium on Algebraic Topology held in Manchester during July 1990 was dedicated to his memory, and virtually all of the world's leading experts took part. This two-volume work constitutes the proceedings of the symposium. The articles contained here range from overviews to reports of work still in progress, as well as a survey and complete bibliography of Adams' own work. These proceedings form an important compendium of current research in algebraic topology, and one that demonstrates the depth of Adams' many contributions to the subject. Here in the first volume the theme is mainly unstable homotopy theory, homological and categorical algebra. The second volume is oriented toward stable homotopy theory, the Steenrod algebra and the Adams spectral sequence.


The work of J. F. Adams; Bibliography; Twisted tensor products of DGAs and the Adams-Hilton model for the total space of a fibration; Hochschild homology, cyclic homology and the cobar construction; Hermitian A -rings and their K-theory; A splitting result for the second homology of the general linear group; Low dimensional spinor representations, Adams maps and geometric dimension; The characteristic for the exceptional Lie groups; How can you tell two spaces apart when they have the same n-type for all n?; A generalised Grothendieck spectral sequence; Localisation of the axes of pairings; Fibrewise reduced product spaces; Computing homotopy types using crossed n-cubes of groups; On orthogonal pairs in categories and localization; A note on extensions of nil-potent groups; On the Swan subgroup of metacyclic groups; Fields of spaces; Maps between p-completed classifying spaces, III; Retracts of classifying spaces; On the dimension theory of dominant summands.
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