By Authors Possessed: The Demonic Novel in Russia

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November 1998



This new study of Russian literature examines the development of the demonic in key Russian novels from the last two centuries. Defining the demonic novel as one that takes as its theme an evil presence incarnated in the protagonists and attributed to the Devil (as understood in Judeo-Christian terms), Weiner investigates the way the content of such a book can compromise the moral integrity of its narration and its sense of authorship. Weiner contends that the theme of demonism increasingly infects the narrative point of view from Gogol's Dead Souls to Dostoevsky's The Devils and Bely's Petersburg, until Nabokov exorcized the demonic novel through his fiction and his criticism. Starting from the premise that artistic creation has always been enshrouded in a haze of moral dilemma and religious doubt, Weiner's study of the demonic novel is an attempt to illuminate the potential ethical perils and aesthetic gains of great art. At the very least, By Authors Possessed should change the way these classic Russian novels are read in the future.


Adam Weiner is an associate professor of Russian at Wellesley College.
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