Heidegger's Hut

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Oktober 2006



The intense relationship between philosopher Martin Heidegger and his cabin in the Black Forest: the first substantial account of "die Hutte" and its influence on Heidegger's life and work.


Adam Sharr is Lecturer in Architecture at the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University and a practicing architect.


"As Adam Sharr reveals in his remarkable study Heidegger's Hut, the philosopher's timber-shingled cabin (which had no running water and, at least for the first decade, no electricity) can be interpreted as a locus of contemplation, a romantic escape, and a place where, given the politically problematic nature of Heidegger's writings, fascist over-tones cannot but linger" Andrea Walker Bookforum Heidegger's Hut, a slim, provocative volume, answers the question: Why the architectural interest in the drab, three room, 20-foot square Black Forest hut without running water or electricity inhabited by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger throughout his career? Norman Weinstein Architectural Record " Heidegger"s Hut is and is not a book about a hut. It"s about how a place inspired a life"s work, and how that work inspired modern architectural theory and, to a lesser degree, the sustainability movement... Many of the book"s photos are posed, though the light is beautiful. The hut has a confidence, a rightness that is oddly indisputable, making in the end, even the philosopher"s work seem transient and insubstantial." The Los Angeles Times
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