Advances in composite wind turbine blades: A comparative study

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In the wind industry, the current trend is towards building larger and larger turbines. This presents additional structural challenges and requires blade materials that are both lighter and stiffer than the ones presently used. This study is aimed to aid the work of designing new wind turbine blades by providing a comparative study of different composite materials. A coupled Finite-Element-Method (FEM) - Blade Element Momentum (BEM) code was used to simulate the aerodynamic forces subjected on the blade. For this study, the finite element study was conducted on the Static Structural Workbench of ANSYS, as for the geometry of the blade it was imported from a previous study prepared by Cornell University. Confirmation of the performance analysis of the chosen wind turbine blade is presented and discussed including the generated power, tip deflection, thrust and tangential force for a steady flow of 8m/s.
A homogenization method was applied to derive the mechanical properties and ultimate strengths of the composites. The Tsai-Hill and Hoffman failure criterions were both conducted to the resulting stresses and shears for each blade composite material structure to determine the presence of static rupture. A progressive fatigue damage model was conducted to simulate the fatigue behavior of laminated composite materials, an algorithm developed by Shokrieh.


A PhD student in engineering at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (UQAC). I hold a BS and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon. Currently preparing my PhD thesis on 'Optimization of composite structures of wind turbine blades". Experience, skills and knowledge in the fields of aerodynamics, composites and optimization and its applications in Wind Energy. My master thesis was a comparative study of static and fatigue behaviours for various composite orthotropic properties for a wind turbine using a coupled FEM-BEM method under the supervision of Dean Dr Rafic Younes of the Faculty of Engineering at the Lebanese University. Some of my projects and work include 'preliminary study of the influence of air pollution on meteorology', 'Hybrid System Photovoltaic-Wind', 'yaw control for a wind turbine', 'design and prototype of a sensor for wind direction using thermocouples' and 'preliminary site study for the installation of 100 and 150 KW wind turbines in the Bekaa region.
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