Recueil Des Cours, Collected Courses, Tome/Volume 237 (1992)

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April 1996



The Academy is an institution for the study and teaching of public and private international law and related subjects. Its purpose is to encourage a thorough and impartial examination of the problems arising from international relations in the field of law. The courses deal with the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject, including legislation and case law. All courses at the Academy are, in principle, published in the language in which they were delivered in the "Collected Courses of the" "Hague Academy of International Law." This volume contains: Le droit international en quete de son identite. Cour general de droit international public, par P. WEIL, professeur emerite a l'Universite de Paris II.
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I. Toujours le meme et toujours recommence: les themes contrastes du changement et de la permanence du droit international. Premiere partie: Problemes d'existence.
II. La realite du droit international.
III. Le champ d'application du droit international. Deuxieme partie: Problemes de normativite.
IV. Les voies d'acces a la normativite internationale.
V. Les faiblesses structurelles de la normativite internationale.
VI. La crise de normativite internationale: une juridicite sans frontieres.
VII. La crise de la normativite internationale: les normes a autorite renforcee.
VIII. La sanction de la normativite internationale.
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