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Hydropower is essentially a product of solar energy. The sun begins the hydrologic cycle by evaporating water from land and sea. Hot air, which rises over the water, carries moisture to the land as rain or snow. Much of the water falls on high lands and drains into streams and rivers as it flows back down to the sea. This flow over the different elevations can be harnessed by a hydroelectric project to produce electricity. Hydroelectric generation is the cleanest source of electrical energy available and is a renewable resource since the natural flow of water is a continuous process. It is almost pollution free and can provide power without producing waste. It is easy to control and is highly efficient.It is a technology that has been utilized throughout the world, by a diverse range of societies and cultures, for many centuries. Micro-hydro power is the small-scale harnessing of energy from falling water; for example, harnessing enough water from a local river to power a small factory or village.


M Naveed, A Hussain and S O H Zaidi have done B.Sc. Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan. M Naveed is an active researcher and has 7 research papers. He also holds valid CCNA, CCNA Security and CNSS 4011 certifications. A Hussain is currently doing MS in System Engineering from PIEAS, Pakistan.
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