Probabilistic Systems and Random Signals

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August 2005



A probability and random processes text for electrical engineering students at the sophomore or junior level. This text provides electrical engineering students with information on probability and random processes while providing sufficient material on statistics and reliability for other engineering students, as well. Unique applications-covering issues such as reliability, measurement errors, and arrival and departure of events in networks-provide students with a broader range of topical coverage. In addition, the text features examples of real systems to explain many of the probabilistic models. Matlab is utilized both in examples and problem assignments so that the student can relate to the mathematical material in practical terms.


1. Introduction. 2. Basic Probability. 3. A Single Random Variable. 4. Functions of a Random Variable and Expectations. 5. Two Random Variables. 6. Expectations and Functions. 7. Characteristic Function. 8. Multiple Random Variables. 9. Basic Statistics. 10. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing. 11. Basic Concepts of Reliability. 12. Introduction to Random Processes. 13. Processing of Random Signals. 14. Power Spectrum
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