Scrolls of Testimony (Gift Set)

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September 2003



Scrolls of Testimony is a profoundly moving chronicle of the Holocaust. Awardwinning Israeli writer Abba Kovner, intended it to be an almost liturgical account of the greatest tragedy to befall the Jewish people, and he wrote it in the Jewish tradition of megillot, or scrolls. Taken together, the pages are reminiscent of the Talmud, with the central text surrounded by notes and excerpts of poetry and prose. It is powerful, dramatic, and compelling -- the testimony of the author woven with others' eyewitness accounts, diary entries, poems, and even last wills and testaments. This is indeed an astonishing tribute to the courage and dignity of the victims of the Holocaust and a moving effort to bring their testimony to future generations.


"Many survivors have written about the Shoah, as have many talented writers, but a sacred account offered by one who is both a survivor and a gifted author is a genuine treasure."-Publishers Weekly
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