Twentieth-Century Irish Literature

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This Guide surveys existing criticism and theory, making clear the key critical debates, themes and issues surrounding a wide variety of Irish poets, playwrights and novelists. It relates Irish literature to debates surrounding issues such as national identity, modernity and the Revival period, armed struggle, gender, sexuality and post colonialism.


Acknowledgements.- Introduction.- Irish Literature and Criticism in the Revival.- Irish Literature and Criticism After Partition.- The Development of Irish Studies: Contesting the Revival.- Irish Studies Paradigms and Literature After Partition.- Gender, Sexuality and Feminism in Irish Literature.- Contemporary Literature in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.- Conclusion: Irish Studies Today.- Notes.- Select Bibliography.- Suggested Primary Reading.- Index.


AARON KELLY is Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature at the University of Edinburgh, UK.


'Consistently of a very high standard, lucidly written, and impressively comprehensive in coverage.' - Bernhard Klein, University of Essex, UK

'This critique encapsulates the ever-changing literary horizon of Ireland and condenses the key arguments and viewpoints into a clear, comprehensible framework...It is absolutely ideal for anyone who is interested in the interplay between culture and literature in Ireland.' - Adam Wilbourn, Times Higher Education Textbook Guide
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