Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Manufacturing

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August 2004



Written by experts from the world's leading institutions in the field, this is the only book to cover virtual and augmented reality in manufacturing from a manufacturing perspective, rather than a computer science angle. It details applications of state-of-the-art technologies in real industrial situations.


1. A Brief Introduction of VR and AR Applications in Manufacturing.- 1A VR Technology - Modelling.- 2. An Approach for Solid Modelling in a Virtual Reality Environment.- 3. Interactive Solid Modelling in a Virtual Environment with a Haptic Interface.- 1B VR Technology - Applications.- 4. A Supervisory Data-Traffic Controller in Large-scale Distributed Virtual Reality Environments.- 5. A Decision Support System for Integrating Real-time Manufacturing Control with a Virtual Environment.- 6. A Hybrid Approach to the Verification and Analysis of Assembly and Maintenance Processes using Virtual Reality and Digital Mannequin Technologies.- 7. Virtual Assembly/Disassembly System Using Natural Human Interaction and Control.- 2A AR Technology - Devices and Technology.- 8. A Stable Real-time AR Framework for Training and Planning in Industrial Environments.- 9. Adapting to Registration Error in an Intent-based Augmentation System.- 10. Augmented Reality as a New User Interface for the Layout Planning of Manufacturing Systems.- 11. Teleportal Augmented Reality System: Integrating Virtual Objects, Remote Collaborators, and Physical Reality for Distributed Networked Manufacturing.- 2B AR Technology - Manufacturing and Service Applications.- 12. Developing and Applying AR Technology in Design, Production, Service and Training.- 13. Mobile Service Applications for Machine Tools.- 14. Validation of the Dynamics of a Parts Feeding System Using Augmented Reality Technology.- 15. Vision-based Augmented Reality for Guiding Assembly.- 16. Performance Evaluation of Augmented Reality for Directed Assembly.- 17. The Intelligent Welding Gun: Augmented Reality for Experimental Vehicle Construction.- 18. Augmented Reality - Helmet for the Manual Welding Process.
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