Persons in Love

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Juli 1972



Max Scheler's WESEN UND FORMEN DER SYMPATHIE, which appeared in 1923, is an essentially altered and extended second edition of a book published in 1913 entitled ZUR PHANOMENOLOGIE UND THEoRIE DER SYMPATHIEGEFUHLE UND VON LIEBE UND HAss. WESEN UND FORMEN DER SYMPATHIE was the first volume of a proposed several volumes to be concerned with clarifying the nature and mode of specific emotional functions and acts. Other titles in the proposed collection, although not completed, included WESEN UND FORMEN DES SCHAMGEFUHLS, WESEN UND FORMEN DES ANGST UND FURCHT, WESEN UND FORMEN DES EHRGEFUHLS. Scheler's clarification was to indicate important deriva­ tives of the concerned emotional functions and acts along with the order of their development in individual and communal life. The entire collection was to show the truth and relevance of Pascal's thought re­ specting an "ordre du coeur", "logique du coeur", "raison du coeur", and to furnish strict proof for it. Pascal's thought was also the funda­ mental inspiration of Scheler's ethics found in his book entitled, DER FORMALISMUS IN DER ETHIK UND DIE MATERIALE WERTETHIK, as well as a shorter work published during this same period of writing, ORDO AMORIS. YOM EWIGEN 1M MENscHEN should also be mentioned as an important work of this period.


one Clarification of the phenomenon of love At the vital level of reality.- A. Inadequacies of Empirical-Psychological Theories.
- 1. Infection in the Form of Imitation.- 2 .Forms of Reproduction in Genetic Theory.
- 3. Forms of Self-Deception.
- 4. Forms of Identification (Einsfühlung).- B. Inadequacies of Metaphysical Theories.- Two Clarification of The Phenomenonof Love at the Metaphysical Level of Reality.- A. Person as Intrinsic Coherence of Dynamic Orientation.
- 1. Person as Act Centrum.- Individuation43.- Intrinsic Coherence.
- 2. Person as Task.
- 3. Person as Content of Divine Idea.- B. Personal Actualization Descriptive of Being.- 1 . Feeling as Actualization Descriptive of Being65.- Feeling and Feeling-State (Fühlen und Gefühlszustand).- Feeling as Intentionality.
- 2. Value.
- 3. Preference as Actualization Descriptive of Being.
- 4. Sympathy as Actualization Descriptive of Being83.- Metaphysical Character of Sympathy 84.- The Sympathy Phenomenon.
- 5.Love as Actualization Descriptive of Being99.- Preliminary Clarification of the Phenomenon of Love.- The Phenomenon of Love.- Three Love As Concrete Core of Be-ing.- A. The Order of Love Generally.- B. The Dynamic Structure of Being.
- 1. Personal Participation in Nature: Cosmic Love.
- 2. Personal Cooperation with Life: Sexual Love.
- 3. Interpersonal Living Communion: Holy Love.- Conclusion.
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