Biology of clown fish

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November 2011



Ornamental fish keeping is a hobby of global interest. Ornamental fishes are called "living jewels" due to their color, shape and behavior. The art of rearing beautiful fishes spread rapidly throughout the world Anemone fishes are members of the family Pomacentridae, one of the largest groups of reef fishes inhabiting tropical and sub-tropical seas, which consist of more than 325 species fewer than 28 genera. They are prodigious, small, often brightly colored, diurnally active and shallow water fishes. Mainly, because of their small size damsel fishes have little impact as far as human economy is concerned, except in the aquarium trade. Many damsel fishes particularly the colorful members of Amphiprion, Premnas and Dascyllus are popular aquarium fishes, which readily adapt to aquarium surroundings. So, an attempt to cover all aspects of marine ornamental fish giving basic ideas and progress made in marine water under laboratory conditions with up-dated figures and data including methodology.


The author Dr.A.Pushparaj and the Co-Author Dr.U.Ramesh got their Ph.D degree from M.S.University and another co -author is P.Ambika. Their abiding interest in marine aquaculture, the present book, an attempt at formulating the methodology for learning and teaching marine ornamental fish biology under captive conditions.
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