Global Analysis - Studies and Applications IV

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Dezember 1990



A selection of survey or expository articles on recent work in global analysis. These essays centre on methods of global analysis in nonlinear equations and topological and geometrical methods of analysis.


Semigroups dependent on a parameter, their attractors and asymptotic behaviour.
A modern approach to the theory of topological characteristics of non-linear operators. II.
Exact round morse functions, inequalities of morse type and integrals of Hamiltonian systems.
Estimates for ? - Balls of nonholonomic metrics.
The bifurcation of stationary rotations of a multidimensional asymmetric rigid body from the sleeping top regime.
Nonlocal integral manifolds and decoupling of nonlinear parabolic systems.
On Leary's residue theory.
Spencer cohomology of differential equations.
The properness of elliptic and parabolic differential operators.
A.N.Kolmogorov and the progress of mathematics.
On the completeness of left-invariant pseudo-Riemannian metrics on lie groups.
Second-order parabolic equations in principal fibre bundles and associated vector bundles.
Lyapunov-schmidt method and types of singularities of critical points of key function in the problem of bifurcations of minimal surfaces.
Relative topological characteristics of mappings.
On some problems from the theory of fixed points of multivalued mappings.
Relative calibrations and the problem of stability of minimal surfaces.
On topological questions of real complexity theory and combinatorial optimization.
Deformation and cohomologies of Poisson brackets.
Holomorphic rigidity of polynomial polyhedrons and quasihomogeneity.
On the structure of the set of solutions of a non-linear elliptic problem with fixed boundary conditions.
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