Global Analysis. Studies and Applications III

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Juli 1988



Contents: A.Yu. Borisovich: Plateau Operator and Bifurcations of Two-Dimensional Minimal Surfaces.- Yu.G. Borisovich, T.N. Fomenko: Homological Methods in the Theory of Periodic and Equivariant Maps.- B.A. Dubrovin: Theory of Operators and Real Algebraic Geometry.- B.D. Gel'man: On the Structure of the Set of Solutions for Inclusions with Multivalued Operators.- I.S. Krasil'shchik: Schouten Bracket and Canonical Algebras.- Yu.I. Sapronov: Multidimensional Sleeping Tops.- B.Yu. Sternin, V.E. Shatalov: Laplace-Radon Integral Operators and Singularities of Solutions of Differential Equations on Complex Manifolds.- V.G. Zvyagin: On the Number of Solutions for Certain Boundary-Value Problems.- V.I. Arnol'd: Contact Structure, Relaxation Oscillations and Singular Points of Implicit Differential Equations.- N.M. Bliznyakov: Topological Index Estimates.- Yu.G. Borisovich: Modern Approach to the Theory of Topological Characteristics of Nonlinear Operators. I.- A.T. Fomenko: Qualitative Geometrical Theory of Integrable Systems. Classification of Isoenergetic Surfaces and Bifurcation of Liouville Tori at the Critical Energy Values.- Yu.E. Gliklikh: Geometrical Aspects of Nelson's Stochastic Quantization.- B.Y. Sternin, V.E. Shatalov: Singularities of Solutions of Differential Equations on Complex Manifolds (Characteristic Case).- A.N. Varchenko: Image of Period Mapping for Simple Singularities.- A.M. Vershik, C.Ya. Gershkovich: The Geometry of the Nonholonomic Sphere for Three-Dimensional Lie Group.


Plateau operator and bifurcations of two-dimensional minimal surfaces.
Homological methods in the theory of periodic and equivariant maps.
Theory of operators and real algebraic geometry.
On the structure of the set of solutions for inclusions with multivalued operators.
Schouten bracket and canonical algebras.
Multidimensional sleeping tops.
Laplace-radon integral operators and singularities of solutions of differential equations on complex manifolds.
On the number of solutions for certain boundary-value problems.
Contact structure, relaxation oscillations and singular points of implicit differential equations.
Topological index estimates.
Modern approach to the theory of topological characteristics of nonlinear operators I.
Qualitative geometrical theory of integrable systems. classification of isoenergetic surfaces and bifurcation of liouville tori at the critical energy values.
Geometrical aspects of nelson's stochastic quantization.
Singularities of solutions of differential equations on complex manifolds (characteristical case).
Image of period mapping for simple singularities.
The geometry of the nonholonomic sphere for three-dimensional lie group.
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