Water Wells and Pumps

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Design and Build Safe, Efficient Systems for Irrigation and Water Supply
Water Wells and Pumps is a comprehensive guide to the essential theory and design of ground water structures, wells/tube wells, and pumps, with particular emphasis on problem solving and meeting the requirements of developing nations. It features thorough, up-to-date knowledge of the science and technology of water wells and pumps as well as allied appliances and applications.This authoritative desk reference outlines the construction, operation, and maintenance of water wells for irrigation and water supply. It also presents the development and testing of tube wells as well as a variety of pumps, both location-specific. Using SI units exclusively, Water Wells and Pumps features:
  • Coverage of a variety of pumps, including those using nonconventional, environmentally friendly means
  • Examinations of ground water recharge methods, well rehabilitation, and animal-powered water lifts
  • Techno-economic evaluation of projects on wells and pumps
  • References and problems at the end of each chapter for research and educational use
Solutions for all problems related to designing secure, reliable systems
. Ground water resources development and utilization . Hydraulics of wells . Open wells . Tube wells and their designs . Development and testing of tube wells . Rehabilitation of sick and failed tube wells . Man- and animal-powered water lifts and positive displacement pumps . Variable displacement pumps and accessories . Centrifugal pumps . Deep well turbine and submersible pumps . Propeller, mixed flow, and jet pumps . Applications of nonconventional energy sources in pumping


Chapter 1. Ground Water Resources Development and Utilization
Chapter 2. Hydraulics of Wells
Chapter 3. Open Wells
Chapter 4. Tube Wells and Their Design
Chapter 5. Tube Well Construction
Chapter 6. Development and Testing of Tube Wells
Chapter 7. Rehabilitation of Sick and Failed Tube Wells
Chapter 8. Man and Animal Powered Water Lifts and Positive Displacement Pumps
Chapter 9. Variable Displacement Pumps and Accessories
Chapter 10. Centrifugal Pumps: Design, Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Chapter 11. Deep Well Turbine and Submersible Pumps
Chapter 12. Propeller, Mixed Flow and Jet Pumps
Chapter 13. Application of Non-Conventional Energy Sources in Pumping
Chapter 14. Techno-Economic Evaluation of Projects on Wells and Pumps
Appendix A: Theis' Well Function (W(u), Corresponding to Values of u and 1/u
Appendix B: Table B-1 - Friction head Losses in Metres per 100 Metres Length of PVC Pipeline at Pressure Rating 4 kg/cm(2)
Appendix C: (BIS) Bureau of Indian Standards Codes for Rotodynamic Pumps/Pumping System
Appendix D: Conversion Factors


A M Michael, M Tech, Ph. D (IIT, Kharagpur), Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India), Indian National Academy of Engineering and Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers, held senior faculty positions in Rajasthan Agricultural University, Punjab Agricultural University and Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi for over three decades. He also held important positions in research management and academic development, including the prestigious post of Director, IARI, New Delhi and Vice-Chancellor, Kerala Agricultural University, Trichur, Concurrently, he held the post of Project Coordinator of the All India Coordinated Project of ICAR on Wells and Pumps, for about 15 years. As a consultant for water management he has let many land and water management projects in various countries. He has authored many internationally referred texts, monographs and research papers. In recognition of his contributions, he was given several prestigious awards and recognitions, including Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Prize of ICAR and degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) of N D University of Agriculture and Technology, Faizabad.
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