The Nonlinear Theory of Elastic Shells

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Elastic shells are pervasive in everyday life. Examples of these thin-walled structures range from automobile hoods to basketballs, veins and arteries, and soft drink cans. This book explains shell theory, with numerous examples and applications. This second edition not only brings all the material of the first edition entirely up to date; it also adds two entirely new chapters on general shell theory and general membrane theory. Aerospace, mechanical, and civil engineers, as well as applied mathematicians, will find this book a clearly written and thorough information source on shell theory.


Preface; Preface to the second edition; 1. Introduction; 2. The generic equations of 3-dimensional continuum mechanics; 3. Longitudinal motion of straight rods with bi-symmetric cross-sections (birods); 4. Cylindrical motion of infinite cylindrical shells (beamshells); 5. Torsionless, axisymmetric motion of shells of revolution (axishells); 6. Shells suffering 1-dimensional strains (unishells); 7. General nonlinear membrane theory (including wrinkling); 8. General shells; Appendices; References.


Praise for the first edition: '... highly recommended.' Charles W. Bert, Applied Mechanics Review 'a carefully written treatise ... authored by two experts in the field who have themselves contributed significantly to the literature.' J. Lyell Sanders, Jr, American Scientist ' ... the authors make a new contribution to the theory of nonlinear shell equations ... The clarity and the quite complete bibliography make this book very pleasant to read.' Mathematical Reviews 'This is an important work and the information is well presented.' The Structural Engineer
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