Simulation Modeling for Saline Water Use in Agriculture

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Februar 2015



Saline water adversely affects crop production due to mismanagement of its use for irrigation. The yield of crops irrigated with saline water can be enhanced substantially, if an additional source of good quality water is available for use at critical times during the season. An alternative approach is to use the good quality water in blending mode. In the present book, Salt-Water-Atmosphere-Plant (SWAP) model used for its evaluation and scenario building capability in monsoon climatic conditions having the problems of saline groundwater. The contents of this book include: introduction that highlight use of saline water with different modes of irrigation, review of global and Indian use of saline water under the heads: Direct or blended use of saline water and its effects on soil salinity and crop yield, cyclic mode use of fresh and saline water, use of saline water in aquaculture, use of models for water management, and use of SWAP model for water management. Authors believe that the information contained in this book would facilitate the readers to have a fair view of proper use of saline water and add to the knowledge of conjunctive use of water with the help of SWAP model.


Dr. A.K. Verma, Ph.D. (India) is working as Senior Scientist at CIFE, Mumbai. He has guided 9 Masters students. He has contributed 15 papers in referred International and National journals and contributed to International conferences, besides writing book chapters/ technical bulletins/magazine articles.
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