Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry: Personal Recollections VII

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April 2003



This book is the latest volume in a highly successful series within Comprehensive Biochemistry and provides a historical and autobiographical perspective of the development of the field through the contributions of leading individuals who reflect on their careers and their impact on biochemistry. The book is essential reading for everybody, from graduate student to professor, placing in context major advances not only in biochemical terms but in relation to historical and social developments. Readers will be delighted by the lively style and the insight into the lives and careers of leading scientists of their time.


Preface. Contributors to this volume. 1. Fifty years in the world of proteins (C. Tanford). 2. Proteins, life and evolution (H. Jo). 3. Pehr Victor Edman: The solitary genius (B. Blomback). 4. A privileged life (T.C. Laurent). 5. RNA enzymology and beyond (U.Z. Littauer). 6. Some selected recollections from a life with biochemistry (H. Klenow). 7. A risky job: In search of noncanonical pathways (V.P. Skulachev). 8. Fifty years of biochemistry as enjoyed by a medical biochemist motivated by an interest in diabetes (P.J. Randle). 9. My happy days with lac repressor - in a dark world (B. Muller-Hill). 10. A dark side of science in difficult times (B. Muller-Hill). 11. The sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase and the processes of energy transduction in biological systems (L. de Meis). Name Index.
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