ACTA Numerica 1999: Volume 8

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Numerical analysis, the key area of applied mathematics concerned with using computers in evaluating or approximating mathematical models, is crucial to all applications of mathematics in science and engineering. Acta Numerica annually surveys the most important developments in numerical analysis and scientific computing. The substantive survey articles, chosen by a distinguished international editorial board, report on the most important and timely advances in a manner accessible to the wider community of professionals interested in scientific computing.


1. Numerical relativity: challenges for computational science Gregory B. Cook and Saul A. Teukolsky; 2. Radiation boundary conditions for the numerical simulation of waves Thomas Hagstrom; 3. Numerical methods in tomography Frank Natterer; 4. Approximation theory of the MLP model in neural networks Allan Pinkus; 5. An introduction to numerical methods for stochastic differential equations Eckhard Platen; 6. Computation of pseudospectra Lloyd N. Trefethen.


Review of the hardback: 'Acta Numerica is a fine achievement and I think we can expect to see it for many years to come. It sets itself laudable and important goals and has, to a large extent, achieve them. I believe that the volumes are of enormous benefit to our subject ... The editorial board should be applauded for having the vision and drive necessary to create and sustain such a high quality publication ... No mathematics library is complete without this annual publication, and I urge everyone working in numerical mathematics and scientific computing to read it.' Andrew Stuart, SIAM Review
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