Evolving the Mind: On the Nature of Matter and the Origin of Consciousness

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August 2003



Our minds must be considered among the wonders of the natural world. It seems hardly credible that an organised assemblage of molecules can generate vivid feelings and sensations, yet the brain is such an assemblage and it does...So, how does our conscious mind arise from our physical brain? Evolving the Mind examines this question by following two main themes: how theories of the mind have evolved in science and how the mind itself evolved in Nature. This book is written in a very accessible way. It is amusing, serious, informative and at times conversational. It starts in history and follows a trail for a physical theory of consciousness inadvertently laid down by twentieth century science.


1. Material things; 2. Life; 3. Forms of intelligence; 4. Places in the brain; 5. Correlates of consciousness; 6. Dreaming aware; 7. Space time and substance; 8. Making theories; 9. Quantum theories of consciousness; 10. Conversation and coda; References; Index.


'A. G. Cairns-Smith is a brilliant explainer of difficult ideas, bringing to the task an imagination that is magnificently disciplined by detailed scientific understanding. He is also open-minded. His book will tantalize participants and onlookers of all persuasions.' Daniel C. Dennett, Nature '... an absorbing book ... an enjoyable and rewarding read: throw out a couple of thrillers and take it on holiday.' New Scientist 'Cairns-Smith has a story to tell and he does so, eloquently and well.' Susan Greenfield, The Times Higher Educational Supplement 'Cairns-Smith offers a very intelligent human's guide to physics, molecular biology and neuroscience; on these he is both contemporary and more accurate than a cohort of Ph-doctored science newswriters. He deserves a new Nobel for Honest Communication.' Hilton Stowell, Journal of Consciousness Studies
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